Promar Consultants, LLC – the prefix speaks for itself “Professionalism, Proficiency, and of course Perfection, you name it, they’ve got it. The utmost best you can get at the price offered. Your expectation(s) will be exceeded. Trust me, Promar was hired to cater my 50th Birthday Gala and kudos to Valsey Bratley, I could not have asked for anything else. Promar out did themselves. It was indeed an event I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Promar.

— Dahlia Morrison-Winter

This organization is a complete life saver. Planning an event is very stressful but Valsey from Promar Consultants was a great asset. Valsey attended to every need and issue. Not only was I relieved of the headache of planning my big birthday bash, but Valsey pointed out potential hick-ups I did not account for and provided solutions. For instance, arrangement of furniture to accommodate expected guests (I did not think of that), the type of cocktails, drinks, food selections (ex. having a signature drink for the night, finger food that is not messy, coming to the food tasting, and brainstorming ideas). I say this to say, with her experience in event planning, she was able to recognize the areas, ideas, and outcomes, I did not think of which was very helpful. On the day of the event, she had the DJ, the band, the photo booth, the pastries, the cake set up, the sound equipment, the flowers, everything was PERFECT! I wasn’t even expecting flowers. It really brought the place to life and the best part was, she stayed within the budget. If something was heading over the budget, she communicated that with me and we discussed whether it was important/necessary to increase the budget or not. I had the time of my life on June 3rd 2017 all thanks to Valsey and her team  that efficiently handled everything! I recommend this event planning company to everyone I know because it was truly a valuable asset in making my birthday bash successful and memoriable.

— Shawana M.

“Valsey, You have been a tremendous help to us throughout this entire process.  In addition to your craft, you are also an incredible person. Thank you ten times over for exceeding our expectations and giving us a wedding to remember. You made our day magical!!
Sincerely, Dapo and Kalia.”
—Dapo and Kalia

During my tenure as President of the University of Technology Alumni Association, NY Chapter (“UTECH”), Ms Valsey Bartley worked as our event planner. She designed, edited, and solicited advertisement for the Association’s 2007 dinner dance journal; assisted with the coordination of the itinerary for our honorees – Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson – visiting from Jamaica; and wrote a masterpiece on our main sponsor who donated over $10,000 in books to the University that year. Her work was held in high esteem by our members and guests. I strongly recommend her to all.

—Teddy Howlett

President, UTECH Alumni Association

On January 19, 2008, my then boyfriend Wil proposed to me. As soon as I told my mother she was so excited that she began to plan my bridal shower almost immediately. The planning and execution was a complete surprise to us. We had no clue what to expect. We also did not know that my mother was going to have the event catered. All we truly expected was a small gathering of closet family and friends with some finger foods.

On August 16, 2008, the day of our bridal shower we got more than we expected. My mother’s backyard had been converted to a beautiful, classy, elegant party area. I almost did not recognize the place! The décor was impeccable. It was an all white theme, simply beautiful. Perhaps even more amazing than the décor was the food. . . . .the food was simply DELICIOUS! We had a vast spread of just about everything imaginable. . . shrimp, jerk chicken, oxtails, rice and peas, you name it. People could not stop talking about the food or the décor.. To this day, I still have guests come up to me and state that the food was the best they ever had. The food was far superior to any catered cuisine I had ever had. . . it tasted like real home cooked food, something my own mother would make! Even more impressive, we had servers with who performed with white glove service.

When I asked my mom how she managed to put such an elegant spread together she told me that she had nothing to do with the execution of the event. She had employed Promar LLC to cater the event. It was then that I met Valsey Bartley, one of the most professional and sincere people that I have ever encountered. If it wasn’t for Promar, LLC our shower would not have been half as memorable. It was a great prelude to my husband and me beginning our life together. It is without reservation that I recommend Promar catering. They add a special touch of class and elegance to any event.

—Nadine J. Satterthwaite